Supply Chain

Gulf Catering’s transportation and distribution infrastructure enables the Company to efficiently deliver raw materials and fresh products to its catering locations spread across the kingdom and to its customers in retail markets and schools. Passion to achieve quality and freshness in products starts right from the initial screening of raw materials, and that quality is preserved and protected in Gulf Catering’s efficiently designed factory-to-customer supply chain.

Gulf Catering’s integrated distribution infrastructure is one of the most expansive within the catering industry in Saudi Arabia. The Company operates about 300 refrigerated trucks within its total fleet of approximately 800 vehicles which are used to deliver millions of products to schools in different regions of Saudi Arabia as well as a wide range of products to convenience stores and supermarkets located throughout the country.

Gulf Catering has central warehouses in the key cities of the kingdom and more than 59 thousands square meters of production facilities which are strategically located in Western, Central and Eastern regions of Saudi Arabia. These production facilities are the hub of the Company’s distribution infrastructure, facilitating the timely delivery of fresh products to customers in Riyadh, Jeddah and triplet cities of Dammam, Dahran and Khobar – three of the fastest growing urban centers in Saudi Arabia. The Company therefore benefits from the close proximity of its production facilities to a large segment of its customers in the form of savings on transportation costs. Furthermore, these three centers have one of the fastest population growth rates in the Kingdom as a result of increasing trend towards urbanization.

Production facilities also include dispatch centers, warehouses, cold stores, workshops, truck parking areas and management offices.
Delivery schedules are carefully planned and managed by regional dispatch centers that are linked to production units through the Company’s information systems network to ensure efficient utilization of labor, time and resources.

The company’s longstanding experience and wide logistic capabilities enable it to perform catering contracts within major cities, as well as remote areas.